Fight Republic is a Western Boxing Club, located in SOHO Shangdu, Beijing, China.

Founded in 2013, we offer dynamic boxing and fitness training for professional fighters, amateur fighters, sports enthusiasts and anyone who'd like to get in shape.

Our coaches teach in English and we welcome members of all abilities, from all over the world. We're not just training hard, we're building a community of people committed to improving themselves and becoming a part of a highly active lifestyle.

Our club is equipped with boxing-specific equipment such as speed bags and double-end bags, along with a high-quality air filtration system to ensure a safe training environment on polluted days.

Whether you would like to compete as a member of our fight team, or you're just looking to learn some new skills and get in shape, our friendly coaching staff will motivate you to reach your goals.

Check out our class schedule below and drop in for your free trial today.



Fight Republic is Beijing's only combat sports facility dedicated to Western Boxing. While to the untrained eye the sweet science can seem like little more than a brawl, practitioners quickly realize that boxing is much more complex than it appears. A chess match played between two extremely fit opponents, the subtle nuances of boxing is what makes it a fighting art that takes a lifetime of dedication to master. Our boxing classes start with a traditional jump rope warm up, followed by stretching, shadow boxing, technique drills and technical sparring. We take a methodical approach to all facets of footwork, defense and offense, with the special attention to technique that makes Filipino boxers famous the world over. We train students of all levels, so if you've never boxed before, we welcome you to join in this amazing sport. Get started today!

Boot Camp Fitness

Boot Camp Fitness training is a group fitness class designed to continuously challenge its participants to achieve maximum gains over a short amount of time. The carefully structured exercise program includes dynamic stretching, calisthenics and a wide variety of interval training, including lifting weights, pulling rubber TRX straps, pushups/situps, plyometrics, and various types of intense explosive routines. Sessions finish with yoga stretching. Participants are given booklets allowing them to not only track their progress and fitness gains, but to record meal plans and incorporate what they learn in class into a long term change in lifestyle. Our Boot Camps are fun, inclusive and guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life.



Coach Jerson "Salleng" Estoro hails from the Philippines and has settled in Beijing permanently to coach and fight. Jerson was a Boxing and Muay Thai coach at the legendary Elorde Boxing Gym in the Philippines from 2007 until 2010, and Boxing and Muay Thai coach at Philippine Prize Fighter Gym from 2011 until 2012. When he's not coaching, Jerson is an active professional fighter, with six professional boxing fights, seven MMA fights and thirty-seven Muay Thai fights to his name. He currently coaches Boxing, Bootcamp and Kid's Class at Fight Republic.

Titles: URCC Bantam Weight Champion, International Muay Thai Champion, Battlefield X1, 2009. Philippine Muay Thai Champion, WKL, 2008. Ranked #1 by the World Muay Thai Association, WMA, 2009.

Ereneo "Tata" Galindez

Coach Ereneo “Tata” Galindez is a professional Boxer, Muay Thai fighter and MMA fighter. Coach Tata began his career as a Boxing  and Muay Thai coach at Elorde Gym, one of the most famous boxing gyms in the Philippines. After nearly 7 years coaching in his native Philippines, Tata moved to Beijing to broaden his horizons, take on new challenges and continue his career. Coach Tata is still an active fighter, competing in MMA events across Asia.


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SAT Boot Camp Boxing Sparring
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Trial Class FREE
Single Class 130 RMB
10 Class Punch Card 1,000 RMB
1 Month Pass - All Classes SALE 999 RMB
1 Year Pass - All Classes 8,000 RMB

NOTE: No need to book your Trial Class in advance, just come to any class on the schedule and try it out! To book private one on one Boxing, Fitness and Muay Thai lessons, please get in touch with our coaches through the contact form below.


Email: fightrepublic@outlook.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/fightrepublic | Tel: 15210226731 | Address: Room 2237, South Tower, SOHO Shangdu, Chaoyang, Beijing, China | Nearest Subway Station: Jintaixizhao (金台夕照站)

Directions: SOHO Shangdu is north of The Place and west of Central Park. Enter the SOHO Shangdu building from Jintong W Rd. and look for Fight Republic gym on the 2nd floor.

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